In4nite II: Graphic Interplay

In4nite is the platform of Low & Bonar with which they invite designers to develop products. These will be presented at the Dutch Design Week. For the second year I provided the graphic design for in4nite and made an autonomous contribution.
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Graphic & Product Design
Dana Dijkgraaf
Technical partners
TextielLab at the TextielMuseum, Promosign, Low & Bonar
Photography making of and exhibition
Dana Dijkgraaf
Photography exhibition with visitors
Studio Collector, Michéle Giebing
Campaign Photography
Barbara Medo
Low & Bonar

Colback is a non-woven textile, and is a product of Low & Bonar. Colback is used in a lot of different products: carpets, in car furniture and much more. Most of the time it is invisible and covered under a layer of something else. With the project in4nite the company invites designers to create new products, with Colback as an important visual element. 2018 is the second year in a row that I4nite has been presented his collaborations in a pronounced designed exhibition during the Dutch Design Week. For the second year I am invited to participate.


The autonomous work Graphic Interplay is a series of hanging panels. The panels can be used as a series, or separately as room divider, curtain panel or as a piece of art. The panels have their own story in technique, material and production. Four panels have a very graphic appearance and originated from form study and experiment. The panel ‘Dot Dot Dot’ consists of two layers with black and white dots. The second layer (black) moves slowly but visibly, back and forth behind the first layer (white), which gives a beautiful visual effect.

The fifth panel has a special story. The ‘Drifting Little Creatures’ panel is fully embroidered at the TextielLab (TextielMuseum Tilburg, Nl). The panel consists of a world of plankton, and is embroidered with nine colors in different types of stitches. Plankton is a collective term for small organisms in the ocean that drift along with the current, and collectively provides 50% of all oxygen on earth. The non-woven textile Colback is a material that is used a lot in our contemporary environment and therefore also plays an important role. In spite of their role, both plankton and Colback are not visible. This comparison forms a nice metaphor. In addition, the organic and transparent nature of the material visually fits very well with the plankton figures and graphic designs of the other panels. Because the figures are embroidered, a beautiful three-dimensional effect is created on the panel.

What I made
A collection of three dimensional panels. Next to this project, I also designed other expressions for the project: printed matter like the publication, cards, social media campaign, invites, festival flyer. And more spatial works: the campaign video and the exhibition signing. 

Every panel has its own story. In the way it is made, the techniques that are used, and the design it carries. One of the panels is embroidered at the TextielLab (part of the TextielMuseum in Tilburg, NL) with 9 colors and a lot of plankton creatures. 

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Campaign images

Making of at the TextielLab