How Dare You Make Me Feel This Way

The exhibition How Dare You Make Me Feel This Way focuses on trans and queer joy. It is not an accusation, but a vote of gratitude. How dare you make me feel this way? So fine and full of wonder, but also so searching and confused? For this exhibition, I created the graphic design.
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Graphic Designer
Dana Dijkgraaf
Exhibition Design and Production
Studio met met
Julius Thissen
Photography Exhibition
Eva Broekema and Elise Photography

The exhibition is curated, conceived and researched by Alara, Jip, Larisa, Sarjon, Storm, Zacquel and Dexter. They acted like ‘Public in Residence’ and had a very important voice in the contents of the exhibition. From early 2022, they met at the invitation of Museum Arnhem and under the guidance of Julius Thissen to discuss life, art, trans and queerness. These encounters were about pleasure, pain, wonder about themselves and the world, their centuries-old history, threatened and rich future, and the difference between identity and political resistance. This group of wonderful people, formed an important element in the exhibition. Next to the regular texts that tell you a bit more about the artworks, we choose to add an extra layer with personal quotes in the space. Why did you choose a particular work to be on display? What does it mean for them? Why is it so important to be included? A part of the quote can be found higher on the wall – which gives it a nice graphic layer on top. The big part of the quotes can be found on separate text plates.

What I made
The exhibition is designed by Studio Met Met. I had the honor to create the graphic design. In close collaboration with the group of curators we choose to give the exhibition a pink color. The first space has two colors of pink, and the third is painted in a darker pink. This really works well with the art works. In the first space there are a lot of works that need the light and really flourish in the bright and warm environment. In the second space there are a lot of video works and one centerpiece (very big screen in a pink space with pink carpet and a pink couch). The exhibition is about celebration and being happy with yourself and your body – the chosen furniture is soft and comfortable. And adjusted to have a particular height – that also people with walking difficulties can sit comfortably.  

The text plates in the exhibition have round edges and are matched in color with the background. The text is set in one of the pink tones. The bigger texts are printed on a nice tactile fabric with unfinished edges. To emphasize the beauty of purity. It all comes together nicely in the exhibition design.  

The statement piece in the exhibition is an impressive golden inflatable work of art, created by Golden Dean. It may be cuddled and touched. The statement piece in the exhibition design is definitely the title. It is inspired by the title of the exhibition itself. How dare you make me feel this way is a reaction to art that really comes to you and literally touches your heart – in whatever way. I came up with the concept that it would be wonderful if the title itself did the same thing physically. And it really works well. People are getting very surprised when they visit the space with the huge title. A lot of selfies are made and a lot of sounds like ‘wow’ are made. It makes people ready for the exhibition that they visit behind the title and to open up for wonder and excitement. How Dare You Make Me Feel This Way has become a warm, inviting and authentic exhibition and the design is really supportive to its content.

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