Creative agency Hands and Born05 teamed up an amazing team of creators, film makers, light professionals and cake makers for a special project. The creation of two film trailers for Videoland. If it is your birthday as a subscriber, you will receive one of these videos in a festive email. I can already show you the first one⁠. For the second one, we have to wait for one birthday more.
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Born05 and Hands creative agency ⁠
Timo Wilderink
Director and edit
Jelmer den Adel
Production and Photography on Set
Hilmer Thijs
Project Management
Levi Raja Boean ⁠
Art Direction
Dana Dijkgraaf, Vincent Hammingh, Marijn Slot
Director of Photgraphy and Camera
Shaun Leyden
Behind the Scenes Video
Luc Credegoor

This first video, called ‘Le Gateau d’Anniversaire’ is about an important assignment for a famous baker Jacques de la Fête. To create a birthday cake for the president. In the story Jacques creates the best cake ever with the help of his daughter Charlotte. But at the end there is a small twist in the story…⁠

What I made
As one of the art directors and creatives of the team, I was involved to create and arrange the props. A golden cookie, a special invitation from the president, fake rats, pretty vintage booklets, pink wallpaper, fake book covers… Just to name some things from the big list of props.

I have used a lot of personal props that I have collected in my life until now. ‘Stylist own’ definitely fits here! For example this old vintage booklet with amazing cake photography, I bought this one years ago at a market in Bonaire at the pet shelter. But also an old clock I borrowed from my in-laws, a tiered cake stand I got from my mum. But also gold cutlery that I have collected over the years with symbols of fish and shells on it. With all those personal easter eggs, it truly has become a magical project.

Agency: Born05 and Hands creative agency, Concept: Timo Wilderink, Director Jelmer den Adel, Production: Hilmer Thijs, Art Direction: Dana Dijkgraaf, Vincent Hammingh, Marijn Slot, Project Management: Levi Raja Boean, Director of Photgraphy and Camera: Shaun Leyden, Lights: Kieran Scannell, Rigging: Berko Mulder, Sound Design: Dave, Edit: Jelmer den Adel, Color grading: Tom van Dessel, Post Production: Born05,⁠ Behind the scenes videos: Luc Vredegoor, Studio: Het Nieuwe Kader, Production awards: Daan Opmeer, Set Assistance an Photography on Set: Babette van Huis 

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Videoland Dana Dijkgraaf set design design graphic design

Behind the scenes