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Dana Dijkgraaf (1990) is a Graphic Designer and Art Director, based in Arnhem (NL). With her love for form, colours and well-thought-of-concepts, she comes up with design that sparkles and visualises the story well.

She started in 2014 with her own studio DDD in Arnhem, and never stopped enjoying her work. She works for different industries: fashion, art, non-profit, art education, nature and corporate organisations. She has a fine network of professionals who can assist her to tackle every question and make high-quality work.

What I do

Branding &

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Publication, Book &
Magazine Design

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Experience &
Spatial Design

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My mission

As a design studio, I believe that I can make a difference in the world. By adding or protecting beauty: in words, deeds or images. For this, I love to work for clients who are active in the field of nature, culture or art. And who share my passion for the pearls we are surrounded with.


Every small step can make a difference. Especially in the choices we make. I am very happy that we often work with printing companies who make CO2 neutral productions, printed with biological inks.


Let’s make our world a better place and cherish the natural and cultural sparkles it has. And even add some. Together.

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ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem
Bachelor Graphic Design +
Honours Programme
2009 – 2013


Teaching at
ArtEZ, University of Arts
(Pre-education Art & Design course)

Typographic Voice,
Amsterdam (NL), 2012
NYDP, Brussel (BE), 2014
Summit Excellentie Amsterdam, 2014
MOTI, Van Gogh Mini’s, Breda, 2016
Fashion & Design Festival Arnhem, 2017
In4nite, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 2017
In4nite, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 2018


European Design Awards Gold 
category Brochure 2019

European Design Awards (nomination) 
category Magazine 2015


Dutch Design Week book (NL) 2015
Dutch Design Diary (Korea) 2015
CA Magazine (Korea) 2015
Dude (NL) 2019

ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem
Kunstbedrijf Arnhem
Gloed Communicatie

“Can’t we keep her?
I mean like, forever?”
Cindy Beck
MOTI, Museum of the Image
“She is better than unicorns and sparkles combined.”
Anne Veenendaal
Graphic Designer
"Working with Dana was very inspiring, easy and fun."
Monique Verstraten
Director Natuurcentrum Arnhem

“We flamingo so well together.”
Nicola Richards

Some of my clients