In4nite II: printed matter

In4nite is the platform of Low & Bonar with which they invite designers to develop products or concepts. These will be presented at the Dutch Design Week. For the second year I provided the graphic design for in4nite and made an autonomous contribution.
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Graphic Design
Dana Dijkgraaf
Portfolio Photography
Barbara Medo & Dana Dijkgraaf
Campaign Photography
Barbara Medo
Low & Bonar

Colback is a non-woven textile, and is a product of Low & Bonar. Colback is used in a lot of different products: carpets, in car furniture and much more. When it is used, you never see it, it is always covered under a layer of something else. With the project in4nite, the company invites designers to create new products where Colback is an important visual element. 2018 is the second year in a row that I4nite has been presented his collaborations in a pronounced designed exhibition during the Dutch Design Week. 


In the design of the booklet, the signing and the other expressions, the colored cardboard tube plays an important role. This cardboard tube is the spool of the Colback yarns, before it becomes textile. The spools used are of different colors met color codes, which are bound to different types of yarn. I discovered these spools in a trash container in the Colback factory. With this residual waste we have built mega-sized typography for the exhibition, we made a sparkling cover of the booklet, campaign photos and finally handed out some wine to the speakers in those colorful tubes. Every project, sketch, every idea starts from the base, the material. The tube on which the basis of the material itself starts, is a beautiful visual metaphor for the project.


What I made
Design of the publication, cards, social media campagne, invites, festival flyer, video, exhibition signing

The printed matter is printed in CMYK with an extra spot color: fluor red. And did you see that every booklet has a piece of screen-printed Colback sewn on it?

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