Future Based

Future Based is an interdisciplinary discussion platform. By asking questions and organizing discussions, Future Based provides new insights and let you look differently at the world.
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Graphic Design & Photography
Dana Dijkgraaf
Production Assistant
Nikki Gersen
Sabine Winters

In every Future Based event a different future scenario forms the topic of the evening, linked to science, culture and/or art. Will robots take over the world? What do we think of the rights of animals and how should they be like in the future? Should we fear for our online privacy? Future Based gives new insights. It lets you look through ‘a new pair of glasses’. This concept forms the base of the identity. In the logo is a glass sphere, that transforms the logo into something different, and refers to the mythical glass sphere which shows you the future. For the business cards I have worked with different colored transparant films, that gives you a different view of the world, and whereby the card itself throws its own color on its surroundings.


What I made
Design of the identity and business cards.

Every card is unique and has its own color filter. Next to the transparant foil, there is also one golden and one silver copy. 

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