Next Move Lab

Next Move Lab is a collection of stories written by students and teachers of the Bachelor Dance in Education at ArtEZ University of the Arts. The stories are based on a research question: how will a dance educator look like in 2025?
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Graphic Design
Dana Dijkgraaf
Photography book
Masha Bakker Matijevic with Dana Dijkgraaf
Editing and project management
Rick Steggerda
Manualphabet (hand typography)
Ben Bos

Next Move is an international research project, in which different dance schools and universities are involved. Following this project, the urge to further philosophize about the discipline of the dance teacher developed. The departement started to collect stories and asked students, teachers and dance professionals from the field to start writing. To write a story, that is based on a simple question: how will the dance educator in 2025 look like? Next to the stories, students from the Bachelor Illustration made illustrations next to the stories. For the book, I decided to give the book a very research-like appearance. As if the book isn’t finished yet, and as if it is a collection of different kind of sizes of paper. The different gray tones in paper, gives the book a luxurious look.

What I made
Design of the book. 

There are four kinds of different paper used in the book. The book is nominated for a ‘Goed Boek 2018’ by OPA (Design Platform Arnhem), an event where the most beautiful books made in Arnhem chosen by a jury are presented by the makers.  

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