Ganzebosch is a project developed as an educational asset to the exhibition New Delights at MOTI-Museum of the Image in Breda (NL). We made the design of a life-size board game, booklets and the campaign.
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Graphic Design
Dana Dijkgraaf
MOTI, Museum of the Image
Cindy Beck and Ward Janssen
John Dijkgraaf

In 2016 the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch died 500 years ago. MOTI, Museum of the Image (Breda,NL) celebrated his legacy and organized the exhibition New Delights. They asked contemporary artists to make artworks inspired by the Garden of Earthly Delights, by Bosch. Ganzebosch (Bosch Wild Goose Chase) is an educational project developed especially for New Delights. It offers a playful introduction to the symbolism of today and that you can find in the work of Bosch and the exhibition. In the design of Ganzebosch, I made a playful combination of today’s visual culture (digital aesthetics) and the visuals of Hieronymus Bosch.

What we made
Poster, handout, wall stickers on glass walls and a huge life-size game for outside in the patio. We even made a smaller size of the game for in the restaurant, so people could still play the game when it rains.

The kids loved playing the game at the patio and even had their ‘favourite’ tiles.

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grafisch ontwerp, MOTI, Bosch, graphic design, Dutch design