In de Maak

'In the Making' is a series of four lectures organized by The Professorship Arts and Cultural Education from ArtEZ, University of the Arts. For every lecture, we have designed a typographic poster.
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In each lecture there is one artist that shares their story. During the lecture he examines the role of theory in his or her work. For the graphic design, I have made typographic portraits inspired by the artist’s work. For the first poster for Stefan Prins (composer of electronical music), I have made typography with a ‘electronical’ appearance. The typography on the poster for Lars Spuybroek, has a kind of ‘bumps’ on it, based on Spuysbroek’s architecture. The third one is more magical. Broersen & Lukacs create digital 3D works with 2D elements. I have used the same method for the typography. Printed on holographic paper, it suggests a limitless (digital) world. For the fourth poster, I have made a visual metaphor for computer language (0101). Sheena Calvert researches one theme: can a computer mimic the human language enough to make you think it is human?


What we made
Flyers, posters and website.


One of the posters is printed in holographic paper!



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