Arnhemse Nieuwe

The Arnhemse Nieuwe is a festive event in where a new generation talented designers from ArtEZ, University of Arts in Arnhem is invited to present his work.
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Graphic Design
Dana Dijkgraaf
Masha Bakker Matijevic & Dana Dijkgraaf
OPA, Ontwerp Platform Arnhem

The title Arnhemse Nieuwe sounds like a local version of the Hollandse Nieuwe (New Holland), a typical Dutch snack: hering. From that connection, I made the translation to a school of fish in which a number of star players swim. These designers have been selected by a professional jury from the various studies at ArtEZ, and fished out of the new pool of designers. During Arnhemse Nieuwe the recently graduated designers can shine, and I have created a sparkling design for the event. The design is illustrated and inspired by beautiful lures and floats.


What I made
Poster, flyer, digital images and brooches as present for the speakers.


The posters are silkscreened in three vibrant colors at Gallery Plaatsmaken. The flyers are printed in three pantone colors by DPN Rikken. Especially the fluor red is a color that you see a lot with lures and floats and therefore fits perfectly with the concept. Can’t get enough of them!

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