BLOG — 9 juli 2023

European Design Awards 2023

"Imagine a space painted pink and letters appearing from the wall. Or a space with a lilac and orange gradient... It all happened, in Museum Arnhem in 2022. And the projects have one thing more in common. I am so thrilled to announce that both projects are awarded with 2 European Design Awards 2023!"
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BLOG — 19 juli 2020

Pura Vida: journey to paradise

"An amazing journey that I'll never forget. A photographic journal of my days in paradise. Pura Vida!"
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BLOG — 12 oktober 2017

Cat love and the Finders Keepers

“I was surrounded by majestic portraits of cats dressed as stately figures with crowns and collars of the golden age. With the popularity of cat imagery, you could say that we are living in a golden cat age.”
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BLOG — 23 september 2017

Nijmeegse Kunstnacht 2017

“In the installation of Oddstream, the visitors created a piece of music with their movement. Serendipity and the beauty of everyday things, formed the outcome of the installation.”
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BLOG — 2 juli 2017

Fashion Design Festival Arnhem

“We turned an empty store in a pop-up exhibition with can be seen as a three-dimensional haute couture window shopper.”
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BLOG — 20 juni 2017

Exhibition Gaycentration Arnhem

“Gaycentration is an exhibition with one goal: to make people aware of the terrors happening with homosexuals in Chechnya.”
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