European Design Awards 2023


On June 3, the award ceremony took place in Luxembourg City. We had the unbelievable honor that we won 2 international European Design Awards 2023! From the three nominated projects, two were asked to come on stage. ⁠⁠The exhibitions How Dare You Make Feel This Way and From Left to Right⁠⁠
The warm and pink exhibition How Dare You Make me Feel This Way has won a Gold Award and the lilac and orange exhibition From Left to Right won a Bronze Award in the category Exhibition Design. ⁠⁠The exhibition Consume by became finalist.
These projects wouldn’t be possible without the amazing teams I have been working with closely: Studio Met Met (exhibition design How Dare You), Paul Toornend (exhibition design From Left to Right) and the whole Museum Arnhem Team. ⁠Each one that contributed is part of the winning team – couldn’t be more happy and proud on the teamwork on these projects.⁠⁠ After the museum being reopened last year, I think this is really a huge gift of recognition from the field of design. ⁠⁠

I am so grateful that I had the pleasure to pick up the awards in Luxembourg. Together with my husband we added a city trip to this wonderful fact to celebrate and to broader our horizons.

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